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Expert Water Heater Service

A hot shower is the perfect way to release the stress of the day, but what do you do when it won’t get warm? Depending on the age of your current heating device, you could arrange to have it repaired. However, in some cases it might make more sense to look into ordering a traditional replacement unit or even upgrading to a tankless model that delivers the warm water that you deserve. At Hansen Plumbing Inc., we have more 60 years of combined experience providing water heater repair, installation, service and maintenance in Greenville, and we can make sure that your showers and baths stay nice and toasty.

We Can Diagnose What’s Wrong With Your Unit

Whether you have a natural gas, propane or electric water heater, time eventually takes its toll on the unit in the form of rust that develops when metal stays immersed. If the bottom of the device corrodes to the point where there’s a leak, your best option is to arrange for removal and replacement with a new model. You might be tempted to wait and fix it some other time, but you could end up spending more in the end because of the major damage to your garage or basement because of flooding and mold.

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If your water isn’t getting up to the temperatures that you like, contact Hansen Plumbing Inc. to find out what we can do to make your water hot again. We have years of experience serving residential, commercial and industrial clients. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our other services, like sump pump replacement, give us a call at 920-757-6863 today!