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Five Signs of a Broken Garbage Disposal

You rely on your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal to help you clean up after a meal. Take the necessary action when it begins malfunctioning, so it gets back to normal in no time.

Will Not Turn On

This is likely a sign of an electrical issue. You should check your home’s circuit breaker to see if that remedies the situation.

Has Constant Foul Odor

There may initially be a stench coming from the disposal after breaking apart food. If a bad odor persists, then the entire structure may need to be torn apart.

Takes Long Time to Break Down Food

Garbage disposals should work almost instantaneously. Have a plumber look at the system if it is taking more than a few seconds to break apart food.

Clogs Constantly

A clog every once in a while is normal. A disposal that develops a clog every other week should be looked at by an expert to see what is getting caught in there.

Makes Loud Metal Noises

A mechanism may have gotten out of place if you hear metal clashing against metal. A tune up should fix this.
Never attempt to fix a garbage disposal yourself. You could end up hurting yourself. Instead, call Hansen Plumbing at 920-757-6863.